POBJFK has choir like a family we have a lot of songs two sings new ones and traditions two have everyone in the choir is a family they love each other and care fore each other and we do caroling for the kids at pob middle school and Mattlin middle and judy jaocbs parkway and old Beth elementary and strafford road and Pasadena elementary as a former member of this choir i had a fun time being apart of it and making friends who i still talk two after high school. my brothers were in the choir before me  and when i first saw them in their choir concerts i was like i want two do that and when i got two middle school i started two join choir. And when i had joined i had made greats friends and i knew some of them since we also were in drama club together 

Freshman two sophomore two junior two senior year of high school of being in this choir is like a family two me i loved seeing all of my friends who i graduated with and who are still in high school i miss this choir so much i can't wait for the choir concert it will so much sing the traditional songs with my friends and my favorite choir teacher Mr Adam Paltrowitz or better know two all of his choir students  including myself who call him pal you may think that's a funny nickname but it's true everyone in choir or who had graduated from Pob john  f Kennedy  high school all called him pal it has been a nickname for as long as i can remember 


  1. when i first got two the high  school of my freshman year i was a shy little sister two a deca pro and two theater arts stars all of their old teachers called me by my siblings names but as soon i had joined the drama club and the choir i had no longer been called the little sister as my all teachers had used my normal name and my nickname witch is Cass

I am so glad i had joined this choir and i am very thankful for all the memories of the choir from high school i am so glad i went   two this event i got two see all of  my friends and i got two sing it's beautiful from our dreidel song we sing for the hoildays and i was asked two sing it during the choir concert on December 20th!  

Thank you Julie for coming with me two this event i'm so happy i got two see and chat with my old frineds i even suprised some of my old teachers 


The choir concert is a wonderful  concert