Interesting On Campus Activities!

Campus Activity- petting zoo

Today there was a petting zoo on campus with lots of animals. Although it wasnt really a good to be outside it was really cold out and hands got numb from the cold so i took a few photos and when back inside


Today we went to the annual petting zoo on LIU’s great lawn. The animals were cute. There were bunnies, ducks, sheeps, a bull, goats, and even a baby goat named Biscuit. I also got to holded Biscuit. The only downside was it was raining, but it was still good to see the animals. - Brian F.


Today I went to the annual petting zoo at the LIU great lawn.  There was goats, even a baby one, a bull, llamas, sheep, ducks, and two bunnies. It was under a tent so everyone and the animals don't get wet. Even though it was rainy and cold I still had a nice time otherwise. It also made me happy since being around animals is therapy for me. I even fed some of the goats.  -Cara (D)


campus activity

Greek week can stacking contest 

by Victoria Reckert 

Eight fraternities and sororities competed to create the best can sculpture. They were broken up into four teams and had to make a sculpture with a decade theme. This is an exercise in teamwork and communication. At the end all of the cans get donated to Island Harvest. Everybody was having fun     


The campus activity for today the Greek week stack a can I spoke to a student and explained to me. They gather caned food, see who has the most, then will make a figure with the cans the winner gets a certificate then the cans are donated to a food pantry.


I visted another table in which for $2 you can paint a butterfly.the proceeds go to cleft lip and palate foundation

PTW Goes Together to Watch the Peking Acrobats at the Tilles Center!!!

On Friday April 5th PTW watched an amazing show at the Tilles Ceneter Main Concert Hall Stage! Let's hear from what the students had to say about the Peking Acrobats show!


Today we want to see a show about performers from China doing incredible feats, and I loved it! My favorite part was especially the group where they balanced a yo-yo like toy across a long string and also the group where they went through a lot of hoops, some big, some small. I would really like to see another show like this some time.
- Caleb

it was really interesting and i really liked and it was very amazing and i really liked the huluhoops - Cassidy


I thought the show was amazing. I personally liked the hula hoop act and also the screaming was too loud for me but Alex was sitting with me and he helped me through it .It was really inventive and I liked the balancing plates and the biking as well and everything else it was once of a lifetime experience for me and i hope to see more shows again.  Dasha


The show had fantastically awesome and acrobatic stunts and
high-flying acts which had me on the edge of my seat. My favorite
stunts were when they had the human pyramids, the hula hoop slinky,
and also all the performers flipping through hoops and over flags.
They also had colorful ribbons, spinning plates, and also the
contortionist really wowed me-  Alex
I like the  bike and the juggling  - Dana

My favorite part of the show was the flexible girl, how she used her arms and her legs. It takes a lot of practice to use your body. The part that I saw was the guy balancing the vase and the giant vase. The part you said earlier was the two men used the girl as a jump rope. The last I saw was the bike ride where all the professionals get to ride together at the same time. I like the show. I mean I like it alot. They have very cool stuff. I had a great day beside the earthquake but It was awesome!  - Carlos


I liked the balancing plates because they are so cool. I also liked it when they all rode the bike. The entire show was completely fantastic. I had such a great time.  Shawn
1. I liked when the girl was balancing the hoola hoops.
2. I also liked it when they balanced on the floor to do gymnastics.
3. I liked it when they were riding the bicycles at the end.
- Jared


I like when all went on the bike together 

I like the dance




The show was entertaining and there were funny scenes in the show. It was a Japanese acrobatic show. There were elementary school students from Huntington schools that came as they had a good experience there. What I liked in the show was that there was one girl that was balancing plates. There was good music in the show and good dancing. 

Matthew Tolson



Interesting On Campus Activities! 

Honors Week Event Bingo Time! 

Hosted by LIU Post Honors College


Me, Cara and Brian went to play bingo!! It was a fun game!!!  We didn't win because the LIU college students won. They have free t-shirts.


Donuts & Dialogue Hosted by LIU Promise


The second year students went to the Hillwood Commons for the Campus Activity.  It was fun!!! We talked about social media being great.  I had a pink strawberry donut and a water bottle.  I use social media and then I read.  LIU student teacher Melissa was talking about how we used social media.  It was very good and then I went to Starbucks to get a drink.  -Quinn







Involvement Job Fair 2/1/24

The job fair was good.  Me, Tori and TJ were looking at all of the presentations.  They have Latino Student Union, Black History Month, Sharks LIU Acapella, Theatre for Young Students Tilles Center and SDT Sorority Sisters.  It was very interesting to look at all the LIU students working at the Involvement Job Fair.  It's pretty cool. - Quinn 


I liked the job fair. Me, Quinn and TJ  were asking people about presentations. They have a Latino student union, black history, month, sharks, LIU Acapella group and Theatre for young audiences Tilles Center, and SDT Sorority sisters. It was very interesting to look at all the LIU students who were at the involvement job fair. It's pretty cool I wish I could join these things but unfortunately, I don't think I can :(   - Tori 

Halloween Movie Bingo Presented by the

Black Student Union


On Campus Activity, me, Cara and Robbie went to the Halloween Movie Bingo game by the Black Student Union. It was so much fun!!!!  I won bingo and I got a tote bag it's so cute I love it. - Quinn  10/19/23

Today Brian, Sara and I went to rise and spoke to Emily and Emma. At hillwoods commons

She talked about the fundraiser for a no profit organization

They ask about different groups on campus