Summer Fun Fridays 2024

Welcome to Summer Fun Fridays 2024 at Positive Transitions to Work! Get ready for an exciting summer season of engaging activities and learning opportunities for our students. Here's an ongoing documentation of our recreational experiences spect together here at PTW:

PTW has a Great Time at Bounce in Syosset!


I had fun bouncing and jumping on the trampoline at Bounce and Laser Tag in Syosset!  The first year and second year students were jumped on the trampoline. I jump so high and I did some splits and a leap. Then I went to the jungle gym arena. I wasn't scared at all.  I did the obstacle course one at a time.  We had to get some lunch.  I got 5 piece chicken tenders with honey mustard and it comes with fries and a water bottle.  We had cake for Zoe's 20th Birthday.  It was delicious.  I was full and I had to take some fries, honey mustard and water bottle home to get to the car with my dad and we shared it.  I had the best time of my life.  We walked around and there was an arcade and I also saw Cat Mario on The Claw Crane machine.  There were cute toys of the Super Mario Bros characters like Princess Peach, Wario, Mario, Luigi and more.  I hanged out with everybody and we went inside the Party room.  The next Fun Friday were going to is Adventureland.  Super excited!!! I can't wait to ride all the rides and have some more fun. I've been there many more times and I've been to Bounce many times.  I had it for my brother's birthday.  Can't wait for more Fun Fridays the next one and others to come. - Quinn

Friday May 31st

Field Day!

On May 31st PTW kicked off its fun Fridays with a field day and a tie-dye shirt activity. Just like last year our field day, the first of many fun Fridays of the summer, was blessed with beautiful weather. Everyone helped in bringing out the needed equipment and games to the field, we set up a tent to shade us from the sun and the fun began. There was an exciting soccer game played with lots of running around laughing. Some people relaxed and socialized with each other. We had music and even some fun karaoke outside. PTW’s two classes came together and got along very nicely. I observed students inviting each other to sit down and chat, playing games together like cornhole, ladder toss, frisbee. DSP Martha lead the crew indoors in making tie-dye T-shirts. She worked very hard to make these shirts happen! Towards  the middle of the day after our picnic lunch we all joined together for a fun kickball game. What a blast! We had fun watching Drew roll around the grass diving for the ball and being silly tumbling to get to the bases. It was fun to watch everyone kick the ball, run around the bases, and make attempts  to catch the ball in the field. Brian and Ben were busy in the back room with their switch and playing different video games. The Pixar Disney Kahoot trivia and a music related trivia was a good time to finish off our day. Carlos landed first for the Pixar game and Alex proudly came in first place for the music one (special mention that Miss Kiki Kiara who came in third place) All around there were smiles, laughs, and sun shining down upon us on this wonderful day! We had a terrific day to kick off our fun Fridays Until the next one laser tag/trampoline bounce is this Friday!








I had a great time on Fun Friday doing the tie dye shirt like I did last year.  Then first and second year students were playing outside doing some kickball, eat lunch and Drew did a tumble over the grass so funny and then I was dancing.  Then I went to the back room to play some JackBox games with Ben and Brian.  He has some great video controllers that Ben brought for his computer.  I went back and forth to hear some music in the background.  While me, the boys and the other players were playing JackBox, I hear first and second year students were playing Kahoot.  Cassidy was handing out the flyers to her invitation to her pool party at her house.  I'm pretty sure that I'm interested going.  It's on August 10th at 1PM.  The Rain date is August 11th.  That's our graduation date.  Also next Fun Friday we're going to Bounce & Laser Tag in Syosset.  Super excited!! I can't wait to bounce on the trampoline, doing some tumble flips and sliding down the slide.  Last week was fun and a wonderful day!!!




I had a good time at the first fun Friday! It was nice to kick back and have some fun. and also to see/spend time with everyone my class, the other class, and my pal Margaret. I also enjoyed doing field day, doing tie dye shirts, and Kahoot even though I got some of the questions wrong oh well I tried. I can't wait for the next one and others to come. -Cara




I had a fun time with the  class doing the tye dye shirts and I also was hanging out with Sarah and her staff we played with the Frisbee outside everyone else was playing kick ball we also did  the game Kahoot about movies I had great time with first year students I can't wait for the other fun Fridays i'm  looking forward to having an amazing summer !!


- Victoria