In the PTW Spotlight!!!


Round 2 of Our Southside HS friends Visiting PTW!!!

On Wednesday June 12th the students that normally see Mr Tom Wednesday mornings at Nassau Commmunity College for a life skills campus experience class came for their second visit to LIU Post. It marked their last day of class in seeing Mr. Tom for the school year for these students and we ended with an amazing day of activities with their new friends at PTW. After a set of presentations that the PTW students prepared that consisted of informative summer safety tips, things to do on LI in the summer, a couple of movie previews, and some brief information about what they do at the PTW program, we had a fun speed friending session!!! Amazing conversations were taking place as the PTW students posed questions that they created, to the Southside students. When that was completed both groups of students partnered up and ventured outdoors for a campus photo hunt. The photos in the slideshow below will tell a wonderful tale of a day filled with kindness, support, and fun! Congrats to the PTW students for doing a terrific job in welcoming and supporting our visiting younger friends from Southside HS. Mr Tom was presented with a notebook at the end of the day that said "rockstar" on the cover and was full of positive writings from staff and students from Southside HS that expressed their appreciation of their teacher. What a wonderful gift! Of course the day wouldn't be complete without a karaoke session that took place during lunch. Cassidy a PTW student helped Molly and Mr Tom organize the singing session by writing down all the song requests. Great job Cass. What fun, an outdoor summer concert. Thank you to all staff and students from both programs for making these past two Wednesdays an amazing learning and social experience for all!


A Nice Visit to PTW!

Today was a special day for Mr Tom. He was able to introduce his Nassau Community College students and staff to his PTW family, Ms Molly, Parisa, and our fantastic first year students at LIU Post. Yes that’s right the Southside students and Ms Riley from Carle Place came to LIU for a visit and let me tell you their soon to be new friends were ready for them! Over the past two weeks our first year PTW students have been working in groups to prepare for the younger students that attend NCC on Wednesdays to see Mr Tom for a class lesson.  After welcoming our visitors and listening to each of them share a little about themselves which was fantastic the PTW students presented in small groups Google slides that were designed wonderfully with information about summer safety tips, fun activities to do during the summer, movie releases(with the trailers), their favorite places to visit at LIU Post, and what they like and are learning here at this campus. After the presentations PTW students were paired up with our awesome visitors and played card games like uno, and WWF memory match, board games such Hoot Owl Hoot, Pizza Pile Up while laughing and socializing together with each other. Dancing and singing were taking place in the front of the classroom while game play was going on. At lunch we went outside for a picnic and after eating we played frisbee, catch with a ball and again Ms Cassidy of PTW took requested and played music for our younger visiting friends! PTW students were so kind and welcoming all day and politely walked the students to their bus at 1pm wishing them a good rest of their day and thanked them for joining us here at PTW. Staff from Southside were so complimentary of  the PTW students stating that they were all an impressive group of young adults. It was a nice experience for all.



PTWs Dasha Gets Her 1st Published Article in the LIU Tide Newspaper!

We are so very proud of Dasha for taking on the challenge of being a staff writer for the LIU Tide publication. Not only is it in print within the Tide newspaper it is also can be viewed in its digital format on the school website. See link below! Dasha was hesitant in joining the staff writing team because of nerves and some self doubt in her abilities. With a little support and encouragement Dasha stepped up to the plate, went to a staff meeting of writers and editors for the paper, she chose an assignment, and smashed a home run as you will see after viewing her writing/article. Dasha selected covering a piece on a new series of films on each member of the famous band "The Beatles". Dasha did some research, gathered some individuals to interview, inserted quotes from the interviews, and placed the components of the article into a comprehensive piece of writing. PBS staff provided some support although Dasha was the shining star throughout the whole process! Congrats Dasha your PTW family is very proud of your accomplishment with your first published article.


Captain of LIU's Ice Hockey Team Jack Quinn Stops by PTW for a Visit!


On Friday April 12th the Captain of the LIU Ice Hockey team Jack Quinn visited PTW for a fun chat with the students. Jack explained that he will be missing the upcoming graduation at LIU to get back to Massachusetts where he is from, to begin his grad studies in the field of Physical Therapy. PTW students asked Jack questions about his experience as an LIU student, his inspiration for wanting to become a Physical Therapist, and what it was like to be a Captain of his collegiate ice hockey team! It was such a pleasure to have Jack as a guest and to have it in person was extra special. Over the course of the year PTW has had many great interviews with professionals sharing what they do at their jobs although many have been through zoom calls and not in person. Jack was able to stop by the classroom and it was fantastic to have him present. He even stayed for our end of the week Kahoot trivia game based on the deep dive of the week Physical Therapy/Athletic Trainer.  It was a lot of fun. But just to note this was not the first time we met Jack. A few weeks ago, PTW travelled to the Northwell Arena to watch the LIU Sharks ice hockey team beat up on Stonehill College and Jack and a couple of his players were nice enough to take photos with PTW and PCC members after the game. We wish you the best Jack you are a terrific young man and will be successful and whatever you do!!!! Thank you for the wonderful visit to PTW, we all appreciated you sharing your knowledge and experiences with us all!



Some notes from the PTW students on Jack's visit.


Yesterday, there was a student at LIU Post named Jack and he talked about his history of sports events he attended over the past year and how he wants to pursue a career in physical therapy. I want to wish him the best of luck in achieving his goal.

- Caleb


I like how I learned how Jack Quinn is the captain for the hockey team.

It is good to enjoy learning about Jack Quinn's career being a physical therapist and an athletic trainer.

I like learning a lot of things that I learned about Jack Quinn it is helpful to know what 

I hope to do for my future and hopefully for my career as well.

from Margaret. 


Last Friday I enjoyed talking and spending time with Jack. What I like about Jack is he talked about his past hockey skills. He talked about his future job that after he graduates he is going to be in physical therapy at Massachusetts.




He travelled far for hockey and even played in Alaska!  - Kiara


On Friday April 12, 2024 we met LIU Sharks captain Jack Quinn. We
learned that he has been playing hockey since High School and now he's
going into the Physical Therapy field because his Grandpa was
completely paralyzed on one side of his body which inspired to get
into this field of work. Another thing I learned he's 24 years old and
he's graduating next month.   - Alex


I really enjoyed when Jack came to our class on Friday and I learned some things about him. I liked it when we were a team together and we started talking about ourselves. I loved the doughnuts that we had. It was a nice treat to have on Friday to end the day with.  - Dasha


When Jack came in he came in he was a cool guy who had a lot of great things to say. He answered our questions so that we all could understand and we really enjoyed his presence. He talked about how his passion for hockey started and how he wants to be a PT. I wish I asked him another question which was if anything happened specifically that makes him want to be a PT.

- Connor


I learned about ice hockey and we ate donuts and  we also played Kahoot trivia

- Dana


I enjoyed it when Jack came to the class on Friday. I think his stories are great. I wish him the very best of luck in the future.
I thought it was very very very amazing and he is very good looking and I love hockey so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much he is a very great guy 




Dinner and Dance at the Alumni Center



I had so much fun that night at Alumni Center on the campus of LIU Post. We joined in for the "Inclusion Dance". Sarah, Cara, TJ, Cassidy, Kyle, Carlos, Jared and Caleb were there too.  I danced and sang at loud.  My favorite part of the night was dancing to the Chicken dance it was so so funny.  We did the conga line and the limbo.  They have desserts sweet treats like cookies, brownies and Cupcakes.  This was such a great night!! -Quinn :) :)



I went to the dinner dance with my bf Eddie who I invited. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go or was free to go but after talking to my mom I was like "I might as well give it a try" and also thought it was a good idea to invite Eddie so my classmates can finally meet him after me mentioning him quite a lot. I also saw some familiar faces like some of my classmates like Quinn, Sarah, and TJ. I also saw Kyle, Cassidy, Carlos, Jared, and Caleb. They were also playing a lot of 2010's, 2000's, 80's, and some 90's which is the music I have grew up listening to quite a lot growing up. I socialized, danced, sang a bit, and then after that we ate. It was quite a bit of food they had like "pizza, chicken breast/fingers, chicken pram, fires, eggplant pram, pasta, and etc. Then danced more then dessert they had "cupcakes, cookies, and brownies" for the dinner part I had both chicken dishes, eggplant pram, and a little bit of pasta. And the dessert part 2 cupcakes and 1 brownie. I also had 2 cans of flavored sparking water and water after that. I ended up having a nice time with everyone. Even though I was a bit shocked when it ended already since it went fast but I was tried after.  -Cara


PTW Lights Up the Ability Mixer at Old Westbury!!!


I had a lot of fun at the SUNY Old Westbury.  I sang the song  "Pink" by Lizzo from the Barbie Movie.  I bought a bracelet that says "Believe."  I also got a pink foam, slinky, ring, job outlet book and candy with Butterfinger.  This was really amazing to look out for the community.  Cassidy, Connor and Matthew three first year students  did a great job singing. I saw Dasha and Dana too.  Everybody cheered me on singing they were so nice.

- Quinn 


The ability mixer went really well even though I was a bit anxious before the event since I forgot my book, my business cards weren't ready on time, although I still did great otherwise. I got to celebrate autism awareness day (as someone who is autistic themselves), sell (most) of my art and jewelry, and be apart of a nice community. I made about $45, so I would say it was a success. 




it was a great time at the ability mixer to celebrate Autism awareness day with my friends I got a bracelet from one of the tables 

Dr Cale daughter was selling them It was really nice meeting her . Quinn did a great job singing and seeing Cara's really cool artwork they also gave out fidget toys and shirts I hope we get do more fun events like that soon.

- Victoria  


PTW Students Samantha and Mary Give the Nosh Mission a Helping Hand!!!

Today I went to Nosh again in Glen Cove but this time I volunteered. I sorted cans of tuna, corn, tomato sauce, soup and much more. Also I put eggs and ground beef and chicken in the refrigerator. Another thing I did was move rice to another basket so I could fit more rice in the basket that originally had the rice. In conclusion I really like Nosh, the people were nice and i like the tasks that I did I hope I can volunteer here more. Mary M.

PTW Students Work in Teams to Carry Out a "Campus Cleanup"

On Friday March 3/29/24 PTW students broke up into small groups, accepted assigned roles to carry out within each small group, and ventured out onto the campus for some fun and cleaning up! Throughout the week leading up to the activity the first year PTW students discussed how to do a beach cleanup, why they are important, as well as, studying about park aides and groundskeeping work. There was a special twist to this activity not only were they picking up debris on campus utilizing a grabber, plastic bags, they were also participated in a fun egg hunt! Well let me tell you eggs were located, about 22 in total, with each egg containing a special treat inside of them! More importantly over 50 pieces of garage was collected among all three groups. The groups also collected data to document the types of debris that was removed from the campus. We did discover that plastic wrappers and bottle caps were specifically the type of debris that had the greatest quantity collected. It was a great collaborative effort and PTW once again, showed how they can make a positive contribution to the school they attend by cleaning their campus at LIU Post!

- Thomas

PTW Experiences the HempsteadWorks Job Fair together as a Group!!!



The PTW students went to Hempstead Works in Freeport.  I went to the job fair.  It was so much fun.  I walked around all the jobs that they had to offered.  They had magnets, hand sanitizers, little piggy banks, doggy bags as gifts.  It was so great that they have so many jobs and internships.  I like to work with children because I picked Harbor Child Care in Glen Cove.  I can't wait to work with children soon.  After the job fair, we went to Frankie's Pizzeria.  I had a single load of margarita pizza and water.  It was delicious!!!!  And after the day is done, me, Sarah, Mary, Victoria, Susan, Myrtle and Natasha we walked around the parking lot and went to Party City, Sephora and HomeGoods.  This was an interesting day for me to get a job for this job fair and used an application for working with children.   - Quinn


My classmates and I went to Hempstead works in Freeport for the job fair. We all went our ways to look for jobs. I went to five different tables one for NYU Health, one for special Ed, one for product marketing, and one for Art teacher aid. I still haven't decided. And I enjoyed the pizzeria. Even though I was a bit nervous for the job fair it ended up going well and I did well. It was fun doing the game too. -Cara

A PTW Student Gets Special Acknowledgement at her Job!

As I went into work today as I do every Mon and Saturday I thought the day would consist of my typical duties such as doing fitting room ( cleaning the clothes in it and on table) and Recovering ( making sure everything in the store is neat) Dawn ( one of my managers) approaches me. She tells me to come to her office so I do as I walk with her I say to her did I do something wrong or wasn’t suppose to ? Her stern face then vanishes and says nooo of course not you're the employee of the month and are getting a raise I all of a sudden stand there looking shocked because I have been working there  (3 year)longer then anyone else in the store and I finally got my turn to be employee of  the month ( so I got a pin and got a tote bag to wear and use for it ) . I then thank her humbly and she asks me for my pic so she can put on the wall I give her my pic and notice I am getting noticed for always doing the fitting room then dawn makes an announcement to all of my other coworkers telling them I am the EOM and then as soon as I get back to work everyone is congratulating me and hugging me I felt a little embarrassed but happy about this.  In conclusion I am so happy I finally got this!!!!!!   - Mary


PS Your teachers and fellow classmates at PTW are proud of you and we congratulate you for your well-deserved recognition!  - Thomas

The Dynamic Duo are Excellent "Greeters" at the San Jose Taiko Show!

On Monday February 26th, 2024 Carlos and Caleb were assigned the job task of being a "greeter" at the Tilles Center for the San Jose Taiko show. The show took place in the main concert hall and held 1700 people in the audience. Most of the audience were youngsters that came on their buses for a field trip from their schools. Our PTW students Carlos and Caleb made us all proud, they were terrific using their loud, positive voices to say "welcome to the Tilles Center", "enjoy the show". And as the students left they announced out loud "have a great day, stay safe, hope you enjoyed the show". They were dressed in business casual attire and looked very professional. The two young men acting as co workers could be heard communicating with each other as they worked, "cover that post students are coming,..." They also enjoyed the show and will share a bit about it with their classmates within this article. Excellent job Carlos and Caleb you were terrific "greeters"!  - Thomas 


PTW Students Quinn and Matthew Volunteer Their Time at the Dinosaur Zoo Live Workshop at the Tilles Center!!!



Me and Matthew volunteer our time at the Dinosaur Zoo Live Workshop at the Tilles Center.  It was so much fun!! We decorate the dinosaur hopscotch, dinosaur coloring papers, dinosaur stickers, dinosaur headbands and dinosaur posters.  It was so nice Anna came over and saw us what were doing now after we done our work before the Dinosaur show live.  The little kids and their moms and dads, aunts, uncles and grandparents came over and showed us what we've done our beautiful dinosaur decoration party.  There's also a dino dance party and we hear the music background.  There's the T-Rex, Triceratops, Pterodactyl and more.  This came out great.  I can't wait to go do some more of TYA (Theatre for Young Audiences) again soon. -Quinn :)




"Hi all!!

Thank you everyone for your hard work today. We were able to raise over $1200!! You are all amazing and we could not have done this without you!"

-Anna of the Tilles Center

Cassidy Shares her Creative Artistic Side of Herself.

On 2/16/24 Cassidy showed and explained to her PTW classmates how she uses writing lyrics as a way to express her thoughts and emotions. She read her lyrics to "My Life is Like a Hurricane" which was powerful and packed with some intense lines. Cassidy fielded questions from her teacher and classmates related to her lyrics. It was a cool and interesting share. Thank you Cassidy, rock on!  -Thomas

PTW Greeters at the Tilles Center for "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."


Me and Robbie were greeters and the first thing we say to the kids who are walking to the Tilles Center we said "Good Morning enjoy the show."  The last thing when the show was over, me and Robbie said "Thank you for coming!" "Have a good day!" The show was so good. The three guys were singing and dancing to the story.  I've really enjoyed it. -Quinn 

PTW Does have Talent!!!

I sang the song "She Will Be Loved" by Maroon 5. I had a fun time.

From,  Daniel Purcell

A New PTW Campus Experience

Robbie and Darren are working outside in the courtyard and the campus grounds. They are grounds keepers. It was a cold and cloudy day. Robbie likes working hard and said it was fun. Darren said he likes picking up garbage, being outside and keeping things clean. When it comes to career, Robbie said he makes birdhouses, Darren wants a career in grounds keeping.

 Written by Samantha Becker

Groundskeepers Student Helping Out at LIU

1. Who is working?

Darren and Robbie are working

2. What is the weather?

It’s 42 degrees cold and windy

3. Ask Darren and Robbie what they like about the job?

Darren say it’s fun and good to keep a clean environment

4. Ask them if they would like to have a job like this for their career?

Darren said yes he likes to clean.

5. What do they not like about the job? 

Darren likes it all 

Robbie likes to work hard.

6. List the tasks you see them doing: 

Picking cigarette butts and garage using picker upper sticks, also gloves and garbage bag.

by Sarah Ming-An Keady

Speed Friending Event- First Year PTW students chat with the Second Year students!!!


I had fun doing Speed Friending with the first year students.  It was very interesting!   I love chatting and socializing the first year students.  We asked questions about Fast food and questions about how do you like about PTW and What did you do there at PTW.  I'm enjoying it so far.  - Quinn

Our Fun Day at the LIU Shark's Ice Hockey Game!!!

PCC(Positive Community Connections) and PTW(Positive Transitions to Work) friends came together today to watch a college ice hockey game. The LIU Sharks played Stonehill Skyhawks from Massachusetts and it was an action packed, hard hitting, fast moving game of ice hockey. Our group cheered passionately for our local team and for some, school team, the Sharks! We had so much fun yelling out loud and clapping after each goal the Sharks scored(8), sitting next to each other, and chatting with our friends! It was nice to root our team on for an 8-2 victory!!! Thank you to Ryan Kelly the Athletic Director of LIU Post who allowed us to experience this game together today and who is always so generous and supportive of our PTW program including our friends outside of the school such as our PCC members. We had a great time Ryan and your event staff and the players who signed autographs and met us after the game were welcoming and kind as well!!!   
The photos tell it all.






In the PTW Spotlight!!!

Last Day of the Semester Fall 2023!

I had a blast today on the last day of the semester.  It was fun!!! We celebrated TJ's 23rd Birthday party.  We had pizza, chips, cupcakes, cookies and Welch drinks.   It was delicious!!! I hope you guys have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! - Quinn   12/14/23

A Positive, Proud Observation!!! 

On Tuesday 11/28/23 I sat in the Shark Bite cafeteria on the CW Post campus and watched with great satisfaction as I witnessed a wonderful buzz of chatter amongst the PTW second year class. Students such as Cara and Robbie were conversing back and forth, Matt and Darren were making each other laugh, Ben and Brian watched funny videos and cracked each other up as usual. Everyone in some ways were interacting and having a nice lunch time together being typical social college students. Molly and I noted to each other how proud we are of all of you for supporting each other with fun conversation and friendliness. I also see this from our first year class as well. DSP Lou stated you have had three amazing classes at PTW so far and he is definitely right about that! Keep up the great work everyone and enjoy your PTW experience that has brought us all together in this moment in time! 

by Thomas

Daniel Purcell's "Throw Rox at UFOs"

In collaboration with Dana and Jared

In the PTW Spotlight!!!

My Internship At Tilles Center

I've been going to Tilles Center since I got a internship very recently for the past week with Glen who is apart of PBS. My job is a greeter, assistant, and watch the shows afterward which seems to be up my alley. On my first day I had a talk with Stephanie then I did computer work. I problaby see myself working there someday since it matches most of my interests and can't wait to see where it goes. 


PTW Coming Together as a Family to Celebrate the Thanksgiving Fall Season

On Wednesday November 15th PTW had a fabulous gathering to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday season. Below we have some writings on the event from PTW's first year students! PS the food drive was a big success. I will be dropping off food to Island Harvest so they can distribute the donated food for some families in need. Great job everyone!   by Thomas

I liked playing games and dancing. There was very good food, I was socializing with my peers. I liked playing uno. my Favorite song was happy and bad guy by Bille Elish and Justin timberland it was so much fun by Avi.

On Wednesday November 15, 2023 the PTW family had a Thanksgiving party to celebrate the holiday with many fun moments from the party which included me playing UNO with Dasha, Avi, Cassidy,  Carlos, Dana, Caleb, Shawn, Daniel, and Kiara. Another thing that was fun about the party was the food and drinks served with PTW students having different roles. Another fun activity I did was performing by singing and dancing to 1 thing by Amerie. Another fun thing was playing Thanksgiving Trivia Kahoot. The last thing we did was a Thanksgiving Jeopardy where the students split into 4 teams.
 By, Alex

On Wednesday November 15th was the PTW's Thanksgiving feast. It was supposed to be at the Brookville Church, but they had a change of plans to have it at the classroom. Having it at the classroom wasn't a bad thing it was good. Jared had an announcement that he got a job at Costco. I played Uno and Trouble with my friends there were good games for me to play. I was a waiter as I set the tables with a napkin, fork and knife for everyone. I got to serve everyone's food for what they want on their plate. In the feast there was Turkey, Ham, Suffing, mashed potatoes, string beans, corn and a loaf of bread. Cassidy was dancing to Triple Cram as she got me up dancing and she got her friends up dancing. There was dessert after our food as there was Ice cream, Apple Pie, Donuts and cookies that were extremely delious. After this they did Karaoke, a Kahoot and Jeopardy. That day was a fun day. I'm excited for Thanksgiving on Thursday next week. 

- Matthew Tolson 


I wasn't in on Wednesday, and I was supposed to help out with handing out food. I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my friends and family. I will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Friday. On Wednesday I will be going to a Billy Joel concert with my dad and brother Kobi. My dad will be making lots of food to eat on Thanksgiving. Some of the foods will be Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed potatoes, with gravy and steak. My favorite food to eat on Thanksgiving is the stuffing that my dad makes. Once we finish eating my dad makes Apple Strudel. This Apple strudel is a tradition that we do every year and it's very special to us because the apple strudel that my dad makes is my great grandma's strudel that she always used to make on the holiday's. By Maya

On Wednesday the first student and the second year student had a thanksgiving party at the PTW class. The first year student played UNO cards all together. They had fun and got a little competitive with each other because UNO is a very competitive game. After the first year students were done playing UNO we started eating supper. They serve ham, turkey ham, mash potato, gravy and stuffing. After lunch they serve desserts like donuts, ice cream and pie. After dessert first and second year students played kahoot and jeopardy. Brian Foley was the host of the game kahoot. In kahoot the topic was thanksgiving trivia. In jeopardy the same Thanksgiving topic but added with history. All of the year students had fun and loved spending time together as a family. 

By Carlos Taipe

I helped cook the stuffing with Molly. I am trying to cook more foods by myself from now on. By: Daniel Purcell

I listened to some music.

I ate a roll.

I was a customer. 

By Margaret.

Even though we weren't able to celebrate the Thanksgiving party at the church, it still turned out to be pretty fun. My favorite part was when we all played Uno as a large group and turned it into a tournament where we kept playing until there were no more cards to deal or if the players got rid of all their cards. That was wild! In the end, the students sat together at a table to enjoy some traditional Thanksgiving foods, featuring stuffing, turkey, ham, veggies and mashed potatoes while listening to music. Just wait until we hold an event somewhere other than the classroom, then it will really turn out to be a night to remember! by Caleb

I had fun with my friends at ptw. I think the cards game are the best. I met nick at ptw this is the best day ever I played uno with my friends.I enjoyed with everyone at the Thanksgiving party, by Shawn

I had a great time on Wednesday I played Uno and Mario Kart with friends and told everyone about my job interview at Costco as a  Title Product Demonstrator I really liked the Ham, Stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes, corn muffins which were delicious  and I enjoyed meeting new friends and I kept playing until there were no cards available anymore  I was also in 1st place in playing Kahoot.   I had fun with my friends at PTW. I am excited to celebrate Thanksgiving at my Grandma's house on Thursday My favorite food on Thanksgiving is Mashed Potatoes by Jared H

We celebrated Thanksgiving PTW. My favorite part of the day was eating the food, I liked the ham. We had fun playing Uno. by Kiara

i like the game uno and the the food i like play games i had a good time  i had the soda  by Dana Mcloughlin 

I had a great time at the gathering it was the best day of my life one of my favorite parts of the day was talking and playing with my friends even though one of them didn't get a chance to talk to me and I liked the food and desert my family orders blueberry pies from the farm and it is yummy. I enjoyed preforming my favorite songs and I really liked playing uno and another one at the end  it was the best day that i had witnessed.

By, Dasha Podobedov

I had a nice time at the gathering, it was nice to see my friends, eat good food, play fun games, and trivia. I'm glad i got to go. It's nice to have and go to these kind of things at PTW


The PTW First Year Class Visits ESPORTS! 

On Friday 11/10/23 PTWs first year students went together as a group to visit the Esports room managed by LIU student Kevin Velez. Kevin as recently joined as a LIU student mentor to our PTW program and has already made some really nice contributions to PTW. After Kevin presented a lesson to the class earlier this week in "game design"  the students carried out group projects in class with each group designing their own game! We finished the week visiting ESPORTS thank you to Kevin's wonderful invitation for our group to come and try out games at this location.  The photos say it all! It was a nice experience and our students really appreciated the visit. Thank you Kevin. Ps the group presentations will be carried out this Monday 11/23 I can't wait to see them!


PTW Students Work Intensely Within their Groups on their Game Design Projects!!!

PTW PAL doing a Great Job!

Brian was observed talking to two first year PTW students yesterday at lunchtime. He was engaging these two students in conversation, smiling, joking around, and sharing his interests with Carlos and Jared who were both enjoying Brian's company and companionship. Great job Brian!!!

A Visit at an Island Harvest

We took a visit to Island Harvest in Melville. I saw a warehouse, food and machines. We took a tour around the Island Harvest. My favorite part is the applesauce machine. I like an Island Harvest, because it was a nice place. Samantha Becker.

Our Behind the Scenes Tour of the Tilles Center at LIU CW Post! 10/26/23  by the PTW Students

Today I went to visit the Tilles center it was fun and amazing we got a tour on where the plays are held and backstage. We also asked questions to Stephanie and Megan who were the ( Director of Education and Art Education Coordinator) ( about Tilles center) who were giving the tour.  My favorite part of the tour was when we got to see the theaters. Another thing i liked was going together as a class so we all could enjoy the Tilles center together. Lastly I loved this campus activity and can’t wait for more to come. Mary

I saw the auditorium. It was nice and big.  It holds alot of people to see music shows and plays.

It was the first time I saw a tour of an auditorium.

Last year we saw The Four Seasons at the small room at the Tilles Center.

I volunteered at the Tilles Center for PTW graduation this year of the 2nd year students.   Robbie

I had an awesome time at the Tilles Center! They showed us around the place and answered all our questions. They're super cool and want everyone to feel welcome. Plus, they have really high standards. I found out they even help out people who might not normally get to experience this kind of stuff. Pretty sweet, right? They believe that performing arts bring us closer and make us feel good about ourselves. TJ


We went to the Tilles Center to take a tour. We saw auditoriums and the coming up shows. There are musicals and performances. I like shows because it makes me feel happy and good. The Tilles Center was a Theater place. - Samantha


We Went on a tour of tiles center my opinion of the tour was its was cool but wasn’t my cup of tea. Dont get me wrong the backstage was cool and all the other places we visited locations in the tiles center. I was surprised how many seats were in the that one room though i think it was around 2000 seats if i remember correctly.  Ben


Today we went to the Tilles Center for a tour well I had to be there an hour earlier and then met up with everyone for the tour because of a meeting for a possible internship. I asked her why I was there for, she answered because of an internship, since we need to start having experience and exposer to jobs, then asked me if I’ve had experience, I said yes, she said great, there was a conversation about college and stuff, and ended by asking me to hand out flyers to everyone. After I had handed out flyers and started the tour, we went through the theater, backstage, they handed out facts, and we listened, reacted, and enjoyed it, and asked questions at the end of it. I thought it was interesting to go on a tour there, go backstage, see the theaters, and see what goes on there and going on that interview.   Cara

I had so much fun that day that we went on a tour together on Thursday.  We walked around and saw pictures, backstage, dressing rooms and the stage.  That was one of my dance recitals that I used to dance on stage.  It was an amazing experience.  Stephanie Turner, Megan and Anna were talking about how many seats are there at the Concert Hall and how many seats are there at the Krasnoff Theater.  And finally, we did the Q&A questions and answers about how we got here at the Tilles Center at LIU Post.  It had so many lights and backgrounds everywhere.  There was the stage where the PTW graduates graduated at the outside of Tilles Center.  They had the box office for the tickets, magazines and books for the 2023/2024 shows. - Quinn


I enjoyed my tour at the tilles center We saw the stage, we saw the box office. It was fun. I once saw SpongeBob the musical there. - Darren

A Visit from Two LIU Students Who are Studying Animal Care.

The PTW Fall Carnival was an Amazing Event!



It was a beautiful Fall day on Friday the 13th of October. The PTW students helped decorate and organize some of the treats and games and they were ready to have a nice day of socializing and relaxing with their friends and classmates. You could see lots of smiling, PTW students chatting away, and everyone being friendly with each other. We had some of our recent graduates come back to campus to visit such as Andrew, Nick, Tommy, Bradley, Anna, Victor and Ben Z.

Things really got going when the karaoke began. Cassidy, Matthew, Dasha, Victor, Avi, Maya, Nick, Tommy, Brian, Ben, and Jared were some major highlights of the day on the mic! Jared did a rendition of Thriller to remind us that Halloween is right around the corner! How about those yummy hot dogs and delicious treats that Ms Alyssa made for us all!!!  We had visits from some of our LIU Campus friends Kyle, an LIU student, Kevin of Esport’s, and Stephanie, Meghan and Anna of the Tilles Center!!!

Rev Vicky of the Brookside Church also stopped by.  Congrats to Cara and Victoria for organizing and curating their first PTW Creepy Carnival Fall Art Show. Fantastic job. It had a cool classy feel to the exhibit. Thank you Dasha, Daniel, Robbie, Cara, Victoria, Quinn, and all who submitted art work. Let’s not forget about Brian’s trivia Kahoot game that took place at approximately 1:15pm

Leading up to the event Brian and one his friends and fellow PTW classmates, Ryan, designed this trivia game with some real excellent questions based on movies. They came up with a nice range of questions across various genres of film. It went over very well with students having a fun time. I give props to Mr Alex for being a great competitor and showing amazing sportsmanship. Alex who had the lead the majority of the game til the very last question got caught by Robbie/Drew who took the lead and first place. Congrats to Robbie and Drew and congrats to Alex for graciously taking second place. I know Alex and he will be itching to regain his kahoots title soon!  The grand finale concluded with a water balloon toss contest outside on the grass! Yes we got a little wet, and yes we had some laughs! Molly and Thomas thank you all for having fun and participating in this year’s carnival.

Thank you to everyone who helped contribute in making it the success that it was! 

by Thomas 

Hi I'm Ryan. last Thursday I went to the esports section at Hillwood commons. it was basically a place where people who play games competitively go to train. sometimes they make sure that the keyboards are clean, and everyone is having a good time. I was mostly really interested in it because i love video games and a good competition.

Ryan Deegan 10/12/23

The PTW PAL Program is Rocking Out on Wednesdays.