Business of the Week!

PTW Gets a Behind the Scenes tour of the Sharkbite Cafe


Thanks to the Food Service Director Jackie and Chef Rob of Aramark's Collegiate Hospitality , PTW received an amazing opportunity to get a glimpse of the food service operations of the Sharkbite Cafe today. Chef Rob the executive Chef taught us all about receiving products at the loading dock, how various items are stored, refrigerated, and kept warm when needed. We saw large kettles, grills, dishwashing machines, we observed the stations in the cafeteria where the food is being presented and at times served. Many of our students were well aware of these stations being big fans of this cafeteria. Jackie was very informative explaining the different jobs that are carried out in this setting, she also mentioned safety procedures like wearing non slip shoes as well as policies to follow in order to keep the setting clean and sanitary. Hairnets, rubber gloves, and keeping a neat appearance, she noted, are necessary for these job positions. We are very thankful for the generous time that chef Rob and Jackie spent with us to share what they do on a daily basis. Sounds like they are very busy at their extremely important jobs!




PTW Students Quinn, Robbie and Darren Give the Nosh Mission a Helping Hand!!!


I went to Nosh again. It was a little interesting.  We went inside a little bit and we helped out and organized some stuff including beans, tomato sauce, chili and Green giant.  We're done with that and finally I went to Starbucks to get myself a Spicy Dragonfruit drink.  I like Nosh because I get to organize some cans and more food boxes. -Quinn 



Yesterday, We took a tour to the cafeteria called Shark Bite. Shark Bite is a cafeteria LIU that has food and drinks including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We met Chef Rob, he's special. I'm interested in making food and doing the dishes. The cafeteria tour is a good one. - Samantha

PTW Visits a DUNKIN' Donuts in Westbury!!! -4/18/24

Today the PTW students participated in the final community career exploration outing for the semester. We have had many great outings all school year although this may have been the best one yet. Why would I state this? Well the PTW students were heavily engaged in being instructed and then actively participated in operating machines, warming up food, making drinks, eating what they made, and then going to the back to make delicious, wonderful donuts as a group! This took place all while being surrounded by amazing Dunkin Donut staff who welcomed us in such a warm manner. Mr Lou, Shahnaj, Sam,…. everyone made our experience so nice and memorable. Take a look below at what the participating students had to say about the outing. As usual, our photos say it all.



PTW went to Dunkin'  Donuts


Me, Victoria, Sam, Mary and Tori we went to Dunkin' Donuts in Westbury Old Country Rd.  It was a lot of fun.  Mr. Lou talked about donuts, sandwiches, wraps and drinks too.  Shahnaj was talking about we got the chance to put the wraps in the oven, then I made some hot chocolate, then I made myself Spark'd Energy Berry Burst and I decorate some donut art masterpiece.  I love everything that they had. Sam the guy he use to make the spider donut with strawberry and chocolate frosting with eight legs.  It was really yummy and that's that.  Finally, we made some Boston Kreme stuff with chocolate and then we spread it a little.  We packed up some gluten free munchkins for Cara and we also packed our donuts to take some for our classmates to share.  But by then it was so so much fun.  Best Dunkin' trip ever!!

- Quinn 





Today I went to Dunkin' Donuts with Quinn, Victoria, Samantha, and Mary.  we made sandwiches, donuts, and drinks and drinks.

- Tori.

            Dunkin Donuts Trip


Today We went to Dunkin Dounts our tour guide Mr .Lou   showed us around the store were we learned how to make  the hot

and cold drinks  sandwiches .they also taught how the donuts were made in the kitchen it was really interesting to see the doughnut making process on how to fill the Boston cream doughnuts that they  keep frozen in the freezer so that they stay really fresh  ready and to be forested that part was fun I really enjoyed doing that the other workers were very friendly and kind helping us with coffee machines and making the egg sandwiches the coffee was  delicious and so was the sandwiches . what a great day 

 - Victoria 


Today we went to shark bite for a tour in the kitchen The chief Rob and Jackie should us around and told us about jobs in the kitchen talked about safety when It comes to  cooking the food we also saw the freezers were  they kept the meats and dairy products fresh we got see the dish washers also told us about how many hours that they work and jobs that their doing. 



Today we went to Dunkin Donuts. We met Mr. Lou and He's very special. We took a tour of Dunkin Donuts. We learned hot to make donuts, hot cocoa, refreshers, iced coffee and egg sandwiches. My favorite Donut flavor is the strawberry. I had a good time at Dunkin Donuts because it was nice.



Business of the Week!

Matt Fisher Gives an Amazing Tour to the Students of PTW! 

4/11/24      Today PTW ventured into the community and explored careers at the Long Island Marriott Hotel and Conference Center with a tour led by the Director of Sales and Marketing Matt Fisher. Matt had such a great personality I can see how his charisma, and friendly, welcoming attitude lends itself to his professional. He informed the PTW students on the rich history of the hotel showing us a timeline of photos and brief descriptions on the wall, he mentioned how the closing of the Nassau Coliseum has affected the hotel, and also noted that there is a new project to open a casino and family attractions at the location where the Nassau Coliseum once stood which will be great for the hotel. Matt showed us many of the conference rooms and explained that there is a huge Health Care conference coming to the LI Marriott this weekend that they are preparing for. The PTW students enjoyed seeing the pool, the restaurant, the giant living green wall supposedly the biggest on Long Island. Matt also talked about the type of jobs within the field and job titles that may be currently available. He stressed the importance about being a team member. Matt noted how important it was to him to have workers with positive attitudes, friendly dispositions and a desire to improve the work family by making nice contributions to the workplace. We truly enjoyed the tour, and we thank Matt for his kindness and generosity in sharing his time, experience, and wonderful workplace with us today!   - Thomas


Today I visited the Marriott hotel. We took a tour around the hotel and saw the restaurant and bar in the hotel this really huge green plants thing growing out of the wall this room that was a circle that I think was called the dome room and the fitness and pool area and much more. The hotel was very fancy. I enjoyed this job outing and can’t wait for more to come.   - Mary


I thought the trip to the Marriott was good. We were given a tour by Matt Fisher. He showed us around the hotel and told us what they do to maintain the hotel, and handle events such as weddings and other kinds of events. In the end it was a good experience overall. - Brian Foley


I visited the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center with some of my classmates this past Thursday. Other then the tour I wasn't sure what else to expect. First we waited in the lobby then the CEO introduced himself, talked for a long time, and finally gave us the tour. The tour was very interesting to say the least in a good way, through different rooms, what happens around there, and what to expect, and what jobs they have. He also talked about the importance of being a good, positive worker and teamwork. We also saw the a event that was in preparation for this weekend. It was a good interesting tour. -Cara 



Our Trip to JCC

We went on a tour to the jcc today and we met with heather. we saw a lot of things during the tour but the locations were cool. There was some facilities for early childhood,dayhab without walls.There were some job openings as well for a lifeguard,being a assistant to multiple areas. In short while some people are a good fit -Ben Breslow

Today we visited Sid Jacobson JCC in Greenville and we had a tour with Heather. She was very friendly. The JCC offers programming for preschool kids ,senior citizens ,people with special needs and charities. The jobs they have are teachers assistants for preschool and after school programs , cafe worker and cashiers cooks and server , cleaners custodial grounds keeping workers . Most of these jobs require some training at other centers starting out as volunteers. It seemed like a pretty relaxed work environment everyone was very friendly . I would like to work in the child care center to help out in the preschool with the teachers and working with the kids .

- Victoria 


It was a nice tour provided by Heather Schulz, the Director of Life Skills Training Center at the Sid Jacobson JCC. We started off by seeing the cafe and we were so excited to see a PTW graduate Ms Nora working at the cafe, who is so wonderful, and to my surprise also behind the cafe counter was a current first year PTW student Ms Kiara!!! Someone has been keeping a little amazing secret! Yay Kiara and Nora, what a team the two of them must make! Getting back to the tour Heather showed us all the fabulous programs that take place at this JCC in East Hills NY. She also mentioned the type of job positions that are carried out at this location, as well as, current job openings.  Our students looked very interested throughout the tour as we saw people exercising, the large swimming pool, Darren was fascinated with the laundry room, and one of our personal favorites was the food pantry. Heather told us about the social club program, the after school program, yoga lessons, sports activities, Room without Walls, helping with seniors, and the JCC's ties and contributions with the community around them. It was a terrific tour and we thanked Heather for her time and for sharing her JCC program with PTW.    Thomas


Today I went to a job outing called New York fit 4 all which was a fitness yoga and meditation class. As we got there we were introduced to Deanna and Marisa who run the classes. We asked some questions relating to the job and did some balancing fitness and yoga positions. I found this to be kind of fun. In conclusion I liked this job outing and can’t wait for others to come.

- Mary   3/7/24


PTW Visits NYFit4 All in Bellmore


Me, Sarah, Sam, Mary and Robbie we went to NYFit4 All it was so much fun.  We did some yoga poses, stretching and obstacle courses.  Marisa and Deanna were so nice.  We asked some questions about this place and I love to exercise and use a yoga mat to stretch. I feel the burn.  Exercise was fun today.  I loved this community job outing.  Can't wait to come back here again soon to do some more yoga practice. - Quinn

PTW Visits NOSH Delivers in Glen Cove!!!


It was nice visiting Nosh Delivers in Glen Cove.  Linda Eastman talked about how we organized the food by stacking up the shelves, boxes and delivery packages.  We went outside to get some fresh air.  The tour was good.  Linda was nice.  Then we went to Asian Fusion for lunch.  It was delicious I had miso soup, sushi, soy sauce, mango chicken with white rice and unsweetened iced tea.  Tom and I had one too.  The food was good. -Quinn :)

Meeting Nick Who works in the Agricultural Career Field!

On Wednesday February 14th we met Nick who is a Greenhouse Operations Assistant at Hicks Nursery in Westbury. He shared his experience caring for plants and how he has fallen into his dream job of working in this field. The students of PTW did a great job of posing thought provoking questions to him through a zoom call interview. It was a nice informative interaction with Nick. Thank you Nick for giving us your time and sharing your job experience with us here at PTW!  - Thomas 

Plants are an amazing thing. They are therapeutic and calming. Talking to Nick was nice as well - Connor
On Wednesday, we met with an employee through Zoom who works in the agricultural field; his name was Nick. We've learned two things from that experience:


  • Greenhouse assistant managers make sure all the plants are healthy by keeping a record of each procedure and preparing written reports.
  • They might even assist with the maintenance of irrigation systems- Caleb


 I like that he takes care of his plants make sure the plants have water - Kiara 
I like talking about agriculture and workers. I like talking about the greenhouse, talking about our experience on plants, bugs and gardens. I like talking to Nick at the zoom meeting. I asked Nick my question was do you take different jobs inside the greenhouse and his response was yes. I sometimes go to the greenhouse with my tutor to talk about different types of plants. I enjoy learning about the greenhouse with my favorite teacher and friends.  -Carlos
I enjoyed the zoom meeting and I enjoyed learning about the garden and how he grows all his plants. I learned that every time it gets cold the plants have to be covered or else they could die in the cold weather. It was also fun seeing the pictures he sent us to show us what he does for work and how fun it could be to work with plants.  - Maya
I liked meeting with Nick from Hick's Nursery. He was teaching us about working in the Greenhouse and working with plants. I hope we get to meet with more workers soon.  -Daniel


I felt like it was a dream come true for me and I liked when Nick said that he loved his job. I enjoyed getting to know the job and I liked the plants that Nick talked about and it was a great experience. I loved everything about this amazing  meeting that we had.

I like talk to nick about flower  

my fav flower is sunflower   - Dana


I liked that he talked about his favorite type of plants and what he does to help the plants grown. - Cassidy


I like flowers and I would love to visit your job.

and wanna look in to the career i  and i'm looking for a job

and it was nice to meet you nick have a nice weekend

nick  - Avital


I really enjoyed it. I like learning about plants and how to take care of them. Nick is really great.  - Shawn

I really enjoyed talking with Nick on zoom on Wednesday. The one thing
I really liked was when he went over the different kinds of flowers
and plants Nick takes care of. I want to just thank Nck for taking
time out of his day to talk to our class about his profession.

- Alex

PTW Gets a Wonderful Tour of Staples in North Babylon!


I had nice day at Staples in North Babylon!  The weather was nice.  Michael Lopez talked about how he worked at Staples and then I answered some questions on the work sheet.  We walked over the art aisle and the warehouse where the office is.  After that, we went to Wendy's to get some lunch.  I had a classic chicken sandwich with fries, ranch sauce and unsweetened iced tea.  It was delicious!!!  We had a great time together and I can't wait to go to the Tilles Center to become a greeter next Thursday. -Quinn


by Victoria Reckert 

Today we  went to the staple in Babylon we went on a tour of the store our tour guide Micheal showed us around i liked the craft supplies section it was cool to see all of the art stuff  and to learn more about staples we went to Wendy's after our tour was done i enjoyed spending time with class together at both staples and Wendy's.  



Today we went to the Job Fair in Hempstead it was interesting to learn about   the  companies and what jobs they had to offer   

I enjoyed getting the chance to meet the employees i talked to the people who worked at different schools they mentioned some of jobs involved working with kids of all ages i gave my resume and even got some cool stuff as well it was a great day.


Our Trip to Lowe's 1/18/24

This week we went to Lowe's for a tour of the facility, there were a lot of sections that had lumber, tools, lighting, a lot of supplies and hardware as well. The tour was cool, but I don't think this would be a good fit for me because being flat-footed and wearing Orthotics would not work out at all. I really enjoyed seeing all the departments, although my feet had cramps during the tour

-Ben Breslow


Today I went to Lowes. Logan gave us a tour of all the different type of departments such as flooring electrical tools etc. We also were allowed to ask questions if we had any. One thing I wish we went to was the gardening center of the store but they did not have anything in there yet( because of winter) In conclusion this was an informative job outing.   - Mary


Lowes was fun, we saw all the aisles, we saw a lot of stuff. I like the fans. - Darren


The trip to Lowe’s was good. Me and my classmates got to see the many aisle in the store and what is sold in them. I asked our guide what made Lowe’s different from home depot, and he said the Lowe’s give employee discounts on the items while home depot doesn't. Overall it was a good trip and I can’t wait to see what’s next. - Brian F.


I liked the tour of Lowes. We went to the Lowes in Hicksville. 


We were helped by Logan. Jason. Joe. They showed us tools. Hardware, cleaning supplies and other

Departments.  They were nice and friendly. 

 I liked seeing the nail guns and grinders and air Compressors. 

- Robbie



Jericho Cider Mill Tour!


Jericho Cider Mill Tour!

Today on December 7th 2023 we took a tour to The Jericho Cider Mill. The tour started in the front of the building, then in the back, to see how they wash the apples and make the cider, and then upstairs to see how they make everything else. We also got to see the baked goods, the bakers making them, and people by the front counter. It was build 103 years ago and brought by the original owner. Now it's owned by Kerry. The packaging comes from his uncle and gets shipped to them. The apples also come from upstate and also get shipped. We also got to ask questions at the end of the tour. we got to pick up a homemade crumb cake and apple cider on the way out and back to class. I thought it was a interesting trip. 


12/07/23 We took a tour at Jericho Cider Mill. We saw workers working with apples, machines, apples, pie, ice cream, apple ciders and donuts. Upstairs, there are baked goods and they make pies and crumb cakes. My favorite part is the bakers. The Jericho Cider Mill is a good building and was build 103 years ago. By Samantha Becker

Today I visited Jericho Cider mill and got a tour inside of it.  We got taken to where they wash  peel and where they packaged the food. They had donuts cider jams jellies honey pies and more. When we got back to the classroom we had crumb cake from the cider mill and some cider as well. In conclusion this was one of my favorite off campus activities so far. - Mary

 Today we went on a trip to the jericho cider our tour guide kerry showed us around the store 

Taught how the apple cider was produced, the process was really interesting to watch. We also went upstairs to see where They bake the pies for the shop. I also learned about the history of the Jericho cider mill the year it started it was a great time with the class that day .  - Victoria R


Our Trip to Tackapusha Preserve

This week we went to Tackapausha preserve and museum where we got to see different types of animals and got some background of said animals. Some of the animals we saw were bats, frogs, lizards, a fox, an opossum, and different types of birds. The people we met, Becky & Hary, told us stories about some of the animals, some came from bad homes or were injured in some way. It was a nice place to visit and I recommend it to anyone who wants to go themselves.

Brian Foley

Last week we went to tackapausha preserve we took a tour of the preserve and saw a lot of amphibians, reptiles, avian and other animals. Most of the animals were either abandoned or injured, so most of them can't survive in the wild I really like the tour because I find zoology fascinating due to watching education YouTube channels that I watch in my free time that focus on the biology and traits of animals which are tierzoo and animalogic in the images below if anyone is curious about either one     -Ben


Last week we went to The  Tackapausha museum and preserve we went on the  tour of the nature preserve the tour guides Becky and Harry Taught us all about the animals  that were abandoned or injury and how are now being taking care of it was interesting to learn about the different types of amphibians and reptiles also the birds there were beautiful my favorite part was seeing fox and the owls . It was a great experience with class. I hope to go back to the nature preserve soon.

Tackapausha Preserve and Museum by PTW

PTW's Tour of Chick-fil-A with Manager Holly Horton!

Today I went to chic fil a  . We got a tour of the front of the restaurant (behind the counter where people order) and the back (where the kitchen was). We also got to make a ice cream cone and were given a application sheet if we wanted to apply there . In conclusion I loved this off campus activity and can’t wait for more to come. - Mary

The Chick fil A tour was so much fun.  We took a tour behind the counter where we could see people ordering the food.  We also got to make our own vanilla ice cream machine with a cone and a cup.  It was delicious!!  We went inside the restaurant to see all these people are making the food look good.   We did a Q&A about how we like the Chick Fil A tour.

- Quinn 

We went to Chick-fil-A today, where we got to learn about the restaurant and how the food is prepared. In the back of the restaurant, we saw that the chicken is hand-breaded and all their food is 100% fresh. We also got to learn a little history of Chick-fil-A and why it’s closed on Sunday. It was a nice place to learn about and I hope to visit more places like Chick-fil-A.

  • Brian Foley

Our Visit to Trader Joe's in Plainview!


It was a fun learning experience today at Trader Joe's. We met Captain Todd who gave us a wonderful tour of the store and provided us with helpful information. Todd discussed the difference between dry produce and refrigerated produce, how to rotate items on display, noted shelf life and when to remove bad items. We tried samples of gingerbread cookie sandwiches that were yummy. Captain Todd was awesome to our PTW students who did a great job paying attention and asking Todd some really great questions. It was a fabulous tour of Trader Joe's.  
- Thomas 

During our visit to Trader Joe's, we had a great time and gained valuable knowledge. Captain Todd, who guided us through the store, made our tour truly wonderful by sharing helpful information. Working at Trader Joe's requires various skills such as effective communication, teamwork, planning, flexibility, and attention to detail. When it comes to food donations, Trader Joe's participates in smaller donation programs. Scheduling at Trader Joe's is handled on a case-by-case basis, depending on the situation. The responsibilities of the workers range from unloading trucks to working as cashiers. The store's environment can vary from busy to peaceful, depending on the day. Instead of emphasizing formal education, Trader Joe's pairs new employees with experienced ones and provides on-the-job training. The workers at Trader Joe's earn a salary of $18 per hour.


Yesterday, we went to Chick-Fil-A in Hicksville. We took a tour at Chick-Fil-A. I saw chicken, food and drinks, they were so good and delicious. Chick-Fil-A is a good place in Hicksville. - Samantha

Our Trip to trader's Joe, 11/9/23

Today October 9th, 2023 we visited Trader’s Joe. Robbie, TJ, Darren and I were introduced to Todd, the Captain of the store. Todd talked about the many products the store gets. They carry their own mark of products. Todd also showed us where the trucks make the deliveries to the store. Everyone seems to work very hard. The food looks good and healthy. I saw a job opportunity board. Here are some pictures

- Ben

PTW Visits Island Harvest in Melville! 11/2/23

 The group was met by Bena Halloran (Food Collection Coordinator) who started with a tour and introduction of the organization and its purpose. We were shown the different offices/operational areas as well as the warehouse facilities including their refrigeration/freezer areas. Bena then took us to a room where she showed us a smaller version of a repackaging machine Island Harvest will be receiving; giving them the capability to purchase dry goods in bulk and repackage for distribution (providing additional cost savings).  Many good questions were asked.  In addition to hearing about the work performed by Island Harvest, the students were also told about the various volunteer and employment opportunities. - Glen PBS


We took a visit to Island Harvest in Melville. I saw a warehouse, food and machines. We took a tour around the Island Harvest. My favorite part is the applesauce machine. I like an Island Harvest, because it was a nice place. Samantha Becker.


I had a great time at the Island Harvest.  I took the same pictures on the website.  My friends and I made a great team going to the warehouse together and we took a tour and had lunch at Moe's- Quinn


We went to Island Harvest on a class trip . We wore yellow vests to tour the warehouse .

There was a packaging machine to make individual servings of dry foods that was cool. We saw the biggest refrigerator I have ever seen . I liked that they give food to people that need it .it was a great trip   Victoria


Today i went to the Island Harvest today we asked questions about the job and got a tour of the building. We also got to wear these really cool vest as we went to the backroom where the machinery was. My favorite part was visit the break room and then going to Moes for lunch. I liked this island harvest and can’t wait for more to come.



Our Trip To Seaford Cinemas

We went to the movies to see how it works behind the scenes. There was this machine that automatically set the times and everything else automatically. Our team conducted an observational study at Seaford Cinemas to examine the operation of their automated scheduling machine. This technology is responsible for automatically scheduling movie showtimes and other relevant factors. The findings of our study suggest that this machine plays a significant role in ensuring the efficient and smooth running of the cinema. We also learned that adaptability is key to this job, as it requires flexibility depending on the situation.

Our trip to Q-Zar 10/12/23

We took a tour at the arcade and play tag and then we took some pictures and finally we wrote everything on paper.  I had fun throwing an axe I practiced twice and I did it.


Our Trip to the Bristal In Bethpage 10-05-23

I had a great time last Thursday.  We walked around in the community and seeing elderly people at the senior living communities.  I saw the art studio, the treadmill, the bedrooms, the hotel rooms, the craft room, the hair salon, games like chess and bingo.  The Bristal was amazing it had a lot of halloween decorations outside in the parking lot.  I have patience and understanding skills.  -Quinn

My classmates and I visited The Bristal Assisted Living In Bethpage on October 5th for a tour. It was interesting to tour the place, learn what goes on there, what it’s like to work at an assisted Living Home, the things you can do there, and etc. Such as a front desk at the beautiful lobby, the game room, the dining hall, library, the kitchen, the menace room where things get repaired or replaced, the laundry room where their sheets and clothes get washed, the staff room, the art therapy room, the outside yard where they do outdoor, activities, the salon where they get their hair/nails done, one of the housekeeper’s rooms, and buses where they go to certain places throughout the week.


Our Trip to the Amazon Warehouse in Melville! 10-2-23

This week I went to a off campus activity which was amazon. It was very big and had many jobs such as packers stower and a picker.  This was one of my favorite trips so far. I also enjoyed looking at the different jobs that people had in amazon. In conclusion I can't wait for many more trips to come,


Moving Lifting boxes with machine I saw people doing Inventory, pick packages, we saw wellness center, cleaning department. Sarah Ming-An Keady

What we saw at amazon is boxes, break-room, amazon workers, packages and boxes and took a look outside of amazon. It was cool experience trip

Samantha Becker.