On-Campus News by the PTW Reporters!

PTW Visits PTV!!! Post Tv station and Alexa Welcomed Our Program with Open Arms


Students of PTW Brian, Ben, TJ, Quinn, Tori, and Sarah ventured to a campus activity that sounded interesting yesterday. We are all very excited to have visited the Post TV station. We met Alexa, Liam, and Ryan who were welcoming and shared with us this awesome setting. Alexa G. a freshman at LIU Post is determined to make some positive changes in utilizing the station to record and broadcast educational and meaningful material and news. Alexa led PTW on a tour of the station, explained how certain equipment is used, gave our students tips on creating a podcast, and shared some other things that she is involved in. Alexa writes for the LIU Tide paper and has a radio show on the Wave website that features EDM dance music. It was a great experience and it appears that this may not be the last time PTW and PTV joins up! To be continued .......  Thomas

We had the opportunity to visit the LIU PTV club today to gain insights into their operations. PTV, the campus television station, is conveniently located in Room 214 of the Humanities building on Long Island University Post's (LIU Post) campus. PTV strives to provide dependable and current news coverage of the campus, and their broadcasts are easily accessible on channel 96.

During our tour, we were given a demonstration of their expertise in managing lighting and cameras, which was fascinating. As PTV is still in its early stages, they are actively seeking new members to join their club. Additionally, they produce compelling shows such as on-campus news segments and engaging talk shows that cover a diverse range of topics. - Tayjohn


Me, Brian, Ben, TJ, Tori and Sarah we went to the TV station at Humanities Hall for PTV Post TV Station.  Alexa Garrett was so nice she welcomed us to this tv station in the studio where we see a lot of cameras, lights, props and a set of chairs and desk. She talked about how she got to do some podcasts for opinions at Post Television Station. We took a tour of the talk show sets and props and spotlight.  We also saw computers and took us behind the scenes for PTV news on Youtube and on Instagram.  I love being on tv.  Brian, Ben and me we walked around the studio and Martha took a video of us while we're having fun on set.  This was really fun meeting Alexa, Ryan and Liam. - Quinn


At the LIU PTV we met with Alexa. She showed us what they do to film the on campus news and live talk show. She even told us how this job could relate to being a youtuber or streamer. The experience was a great way to learn how to start your own show whether it be Youtuber, Streamer, Podcast group, and/or other. - Brian F.


On Thursday, April 25, 2024

 Ben, Quinn, Brian, Tori and I

went to the building where we visited the LIU  PTV room. They were preparing students for the world of digital radio,video  producers,television writers. I saw cool lights with a spotlight on the stage, cameras and a TV Screen. A nice living room where we were sitting and paying attention to   Alexa talking about how she operates equipment 

I wish I could be part of it.I would like to model and sing on television.  I met Alexa, she's a manager and also a writer for PTV.

It was a great experience for me, I enjoyed it.   -Sarah

SGA Petting Zoo Spectacular!

Today we went to the annual petting zoo on LIU’s great lawn. The animals were cute. There were bunnies, ducks, sheep, a bull, goats, and even a baby goat named Biscuit. I also got to hold Biscuit. The only downside was it was raining, but it was still good to see the animals. - Brian F.

PTW Students Get to See a Fantastic Show, "Who is Paganini?" 3/25/24

Today we saw a beautiful show called "Who is Paganini" The musicians playing the guitar, the violin, and cello mesmerized the audience as they shared their knowledge about a legendary composer named Niccolò Paganini. Paganini was from Italy and lived from 27 October 1782 – 27 May 1840 We all enjoyed the show and were intrigued with learning about this very influential composer and musician. Niccolò Paganini - Wikipedia

Poseidon, the Mermaids and the Water Cycle!


The PTW students went to see the show at the Krassnoff Theater. It was fun I loved it!! It was unique. The mermaids were talked about the water cycle and there were so many characters in the show. It was so funny and there were a lot of kids screaming and cheering. The best part of the show is we were singing and dancing about the song. There were doing a lot of dance moves and using our hand motions.  I saw Anna and Stephanie they were there and of course Megan too. - Quinn :)

Poseidon, The Mermaids and The Water Cycle .   2/29/24

     Today the class went to the Krassnoff Theater to see the show it was interesting to learn about the water cycle and about the climate change as well i enjoyed seeing the costumes and the paper mache sea creatures the Octopus was my favorite i liked actors enthusiasm in the show. It was nice to see the play  with everyone i hope  we will get to do it again soon .  

  By Victoria Reckert 

I went to go see The Poseidon, The Mermaids, And The Water Cycle at Tiles Center Krassnoff theater this Thursday (02/29) with the class. I loved seeing the creatures who are also the characters, the costumes, how the set design is, the story-line, the storytelling, when the person with the cloud head, and the message behind it. It was also interesting to learn about the water cycle and climate change in a fun entertaining way for those who are not as much aware of those topics. I'd give it an 5 star. As someone who is a big theater person, loves set design, behind the scenes, and a kid at heart. 


 PTW Goes Tabling  2/22/24

Cannoli's Benefit 

Special Olympics  

Sponsored by Phi Sigma Kappa 

Today I spoke to Phi Sigma Kappa members Davis and Eric. They were very nice . They were selling cannolis , one for $3 or two for $5 .The money goes to benefit the Special Olympics .They say that about 80% of profits go to the Special Olympics .They told me that they don't go to the Olympics, they only fund raise and participate in Polar plunges around long island .

The people were nice and the cannolis were great! I enjoyed getting to know about the fund raiser event for the Special Olympics . 

By Victoria Reckert                                                                       


On Tuesday they had a tabling event for the Sunrise walk for Cancer Foundation 

I walked to one of the members about the organization there having a walk 

 on Sunday June 2nd  to help raise money for kids who have cancer .

LIU Clubs Fair Feb 2024

I went to the LIU clubs fair and saw many clubs looking for new members. One club that stood out to me was The Tide LIU Post News. This club was founded somewhere in the 60s and holds meetings on Mondays after 12:30 PM. 

During the fair, I spoke to Alexander Mousa, who is the Editor-in-Chief, News Editor, and Promotions Manager of LIU Post the Tide News. He joined the club because he is studying communication and he enjoys it.

The Tide News has other members, including Myra Mulongoti, the Arts and Entertainment Editor, Online Editor Joseph Prescott, Managing Editor, Sports Editor, Online Editor Amisha Temal, Features Editor Aliya Couillard, Assistant News Editor Brady Campbell, Assistant Sports Editor Richard Sirio, Photographer Zaina Arafat, and several Faculty Advisor Writers: Alexa Garrett, Donovan Gibbs, Kevin Lake, Olivia Mangelli, Garrett Blaylock, Jack Levy, Lauren Ritirato, Kendall Shamus, Brendan Kaufman, Anna Villoth, Dylan Stovall, Sebastian Davalos, and Dominick Pacileo. -TJ

BSU Knowledge Bee- Geography Edition 11/30/23

The Black Student Union is hosting an event as part of its mission to promote diversity on the

LIU Campus. The club has already gathered 55 members and aims to recognize and involve black students on campus. The event is a knowledge bee competition that will engage club members in a fun and educational way.

The competition will challenge students to demonstrate their knowledge of geography and its real-world applications. Students will be divided into groups of four and given a whiteboard to write their answers. Each group will have two minutes to answer, and the winners will receive free merchandise. The main goal of the competition is to promote a deeper understanding of geography while fostering camaraderie within the club. Done by Tayjohn and Mary

ESPORTS arena is a Cool Place to Visit

by Second Year PTW Students

Our Trip to Esports Arena 11/16/23

Last week, we went to the Esports arena in Hillwood for fun, so everyone was playing games together in particular me and Brian played some Mario kart 8 deluxe and smash ultimate Mario kart. This was a lot of fun especially on 200cc which is the fastest game difficulty (I left a video link in the image below for anyone who is curious how fast 200cc) and for smash ultimate we played a few rounds together.


Me and the class went to the Esports on LIU in Hillwood. I brought my Nintendo Switch for me and my friends to play on. Me and Ben played Mario Kart & Super Smash Bros, and I kicked his butt at both. It was a fun time and I hope to go back soon.

Brian Foley 

I went to ESports  with the class on Thursday. It was very interesting. We learned about computers   and games online. They had gaming controllers next to each computer . 

The room was really dark and pretty quiet  for the most part. Me and Quinn played 

   Mario Kart together. I was the character toad and Quinn picked Princess Peach. It was fun playing a game with Quinn we both won a few times. Kevin and the other workers were really helpful. They came by to see if we needed any help with the games. I hope we are back soon. It was a great time with the class at Esports.

Victoria Reckert 
PTW Class of 2024

Today I went to e sports  which was a video game arena were u could play video games and chill. I played fortnite for the first time with Kyle me Tori and TJ. The setting was quiet and many people. Kevin did a good job explaining what esports was all about .

- Mary

We went to the Esports Arena in Brookville. I go on YouTube and see some Jack Russell Terrier videos, because it was so cute. Jack Russell Terriers make me feel happy. Esports Arena is the best place in Brookville.

- Samantha

In the afternoon after lunch, we went to a gaming room called Esports Arena.  It's about playing video games.  Kevin the mentor talked to us about what he has an experience of playing games.  We each got one of our favorite games Mario kart deluxe 8, Fortnite, Minecraft and Star Wars.  It was a fun day. There are so many computers in the gaming area.  My favorite part of the day was going to Esports and playing MarioKart.

- Quinn

Halloween Movie Bingo presented by the Black Student Union

Title: Foster Club Coats Drive

Date: 10/12/23

Hey, today Tori and I attended a cool event called a coat drive. It was hosted by an awesome organization called FosterClub. These guys are on a mission to help young people who have been in foster care by connecting them to resources, providing education and inspiration, and giving them a voice. They believe that experience is just as valuable as expertise, which is a refreshing perspective.

Their vision is to create a world where every young person who has been in foster care has everything they need to thrive. That's a pretty amazing goal, right?

Fun fact - FosterClub was started in 1999 and is based in Seaside, Oregon. They have over 44,000 members - that's a lot of people making a difference!

Oh, and they've partnered with another organization called StandUp for Kids. These guys are all about ending youth homelessness, one kid at a time. Their goal is to build communities where every young person feels cared for, loved, and supported. They're not case managers, they're care advocates - which I think is a really important distinction.

StandUp for Kids has been helping young people since 1990 and works with them until they turn 25. They have a whole Theory of Change that guides their work.

If you want to learn more about either of these organizations, check out their websites - https://www.fosterclub.com/about and https://www.standupforkids.org.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf   2/15/24 

Today PTW students were greeters at the matinee show of The Boy Who Cried Wolf at Tilies center . My job was telling the kids where the theater was and to enjoy the show. Then we got to watch the show . I liked the dancing and the singing also how they changed the set design for the different scenes in the play. After that we went back to our post and thanked everyone for coming .