Fun Vacation Ideas/Experiences to Share.

I went to Killarney, Ireland for a week. Where it was beautiful and the people were nice. I saw castles, mountains, animals, and I would recommend people going to Ireland for a vacation. Ireland is great!

By Robbie Phillips 6/19/23


Nick Barone 6/24/23

This past weekend I went away to Grand Cayman went swimming in the pool swim in the beach going out to dinner and did a sunset boat trip

-Nick Barone

Class of 2023


My family is going to Grand Cayman next weekend. We are flying from John F Kennedy  International Airport to Owen Roberts International Airport on JetBlue airways. I’m going out to different restaurants to do some snorkeling, swim in the pool and swim in the beach.

-Nick Barone 6/15/23

 Class of 2023

Alexa Chalup 5/30/23

A great Vacation idea is to where the sun shines and the sand feels warm to my feet. This ideal place is  Aruba 

Below are a couple of pictures of my trip back in March to Aruba. I had lots of fun. I ate a lot and had a couple of drinks with my friends. I watched the sunset and it was beautiful.

Anna Weinstein 5/30/23

I went to Florida last year in the Fall 2022, my Mom and I really enjoyed it. I stayed in a hotel in Orlando, FL near the Seaworld Resort. I swam in the beach and pools. I liked my hotel suite at the Hampton Inn.   I went to Disney world animal kingdom and Epcot also going out to eat at restaurants. I had all different foods to eat.I went to the Kennedy Space Center Museum. 

Nick Barone 5/27/23

I took a train tour this pass Saturday, May 27th, 2023. The first stop on my journey was taking the LIRR to Jamaica. Then I got off at Jamaica to take the Airtram to JFK Airport.  I proceeded to take the Airtram back to Jamaica. The second stop on the journey was taking the LIRR from Jamaica to Grand Central. I took the subway to the World Trade Center and saw and saw some buildings.  For the last leg of my journey I took the subway back to Penn Station and took the train back home.

Victor Hoang  5/27/23                                                                                                         

Last Friday, me and fellow PTW student Andrew were invited into a party celebrating the students of Gallery 22. It was a fun, loud party where you dance along with the other attendees with music videos playing, based on songs by famous singers. The people there were great and made you feel at home, getting to see other people who’re different and have disabilities just like you. There were great foods ranging from pasta, cheese, meatballs, and desserts that you can eat while you dance through the party. I myself had managed to bring out my inner dancer and rocked the dance floor in front of my mom. I also got myself new songs to listen to while I was there, putting them in my playlist. To top it all off, me and Andrew took one last picture of us enjoying our last moments at the party.

Nashville by Laryssa Ertel

From Friday, May 12 to Tuesday, May 16, I visited Nashville, Tennessee with my mom, Anna, and her mom. It was absolutely amazing! We flew on JetBlue from JFK to BNA (Nashville International Airport). Some of my favorite highlights from that trip include paying a visit to The Country Music Hall of Fame, which I visited on Saturday, May 13. It was incredible! I love country music and have been a fan of it my whole life, so getting to check out this museum felt like a dream to me! My favorite exhibit was "Through Taylor Swift's Eras", which was an exhibit where we got to check out some of Taylor Swift's outfits that she has worn throughout her career. My favorite outfits of hers that I have checked out included a ringmaster costume that she wore while performing "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2012, and a pink bikini and a hot pink faux fur coat that she wore in her music video for her song "You Need to Calm Down". I enjoyed seeing the other exhibits at The Country Music Hall of Fame, and I enjoyed seeing other outfits that iconic country artists wore on display, as well as musical instruments they've played. That same night, the four of us went to the Grand Ole Opry and saw a show there, which was so incredible! Carrie Underwood was the main highlighter of the show. That night marked the 15th anniversary of her becoming an Opry member. She commemorated this milestone in the best way possible! Carrie was my favorite act in the show, as she is an amazing singer, and she is one of my all time favorite singers. The other bands and artists that performed that night include Tigirlily Gold, Bill Anderson, Deana Carter, Michael Ray, and Riders in the Sky. They were all great as well. Another highlight of this trip was visiting Belle Meade, which is a historic site in Tennessee. We took a tour of the mansion there, and it was beautiful. The mansion tour was followed by a wine tasting. Honestly, I didn't love the wine, as I thought most of the flavors were too bitter for my taste. Some food I ate in Nashville included hot chicken, which was so insanely spicy! They literally don't call it "hot chicken" for nothing! I also bought a pair of cowboy boots there. I had an amazing time in Nashville, and I would definitely return there in a heartbeat!


This pass weekend I had the State tournament for swimming and I am the New York State champion of the 50 meter breaststroke I also won the 4 by 50 freestyle relay 

Nick Barone 6/10 

Art Exhibit 

By Nora Aghajani 

On May 27 I went with my cousin Parisa and my brother to art exhibit called Beyond Van Gogh. Beyond Van Gogh is an art exhibit that show Van Gogh’s art when you stand in a room and Van Gogh’s art moves. I loved this  this art exhibit because it was relaxing and I love when the art moves during the art moves.